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Discover Your Family Tree

Who are you? Where do you come from? Who were your ancestors?

Your Ancestry Made You

Your ancestors made you who you are. Is there something in your family tree that made you a shopkeeper, a musician, a craftsperson or an athlete? Whether your ancestors include a blacksmith, a baron, a teacher or a trader, if you want to know who your family were, where they came from and what they did, Hampshire Family History Search is here to help you.

Personalised Family Tree

Whilst the internet provides a wealth of records for the genealogist, there comes a time when it’s necessary to go deeper and to research records not available online. Every piece of family history research will produce its own challenges and is a personalised family search to give you Your Family Tree.

Family Search in Hampshire and Beyond

Researching your family history properly requires expertise. You may find the first steps in family search easy but very soon you encounter obstacles, miss clues or can’t travel to consult written records. That’s where I come in. I have a passion for genealogy and a wealth of knowledge of the records available for family search. I would love to undertake research on your behalf and help you trace your family history. You can start with a free initial consultation on what  your family search would cover and how I might go about it.

If your family has a connection with Hampshire or the South of England, it gives me a good starting point but I will extend the search throughout the UK to discover your ancestry – and I am still pleased to offer you my expertise in family search even if you don’t have any roots in Hampshire at all.

Your Family History

However, big or small the task, Hampshire Family History Search can help you. Perhaps you simply want to find details of a single event, like a baptism or marriage. Maybe you would like to trace a line of your family tree from an event that you know took place in Hampshire or one of the surrounding counties. Whatever aspect of your ancestry, as an expert genealogist I know where to look.

The records I will search on your behalf to discover your family tree include Church registers for christenings, marriages, banns and burials. You family search will take in Monumental Inscriptions, National Civil Registration Indexes, National Census Returns, Wills and the National Probate Index. Other sources for information on your family tree will also comprise Trade Directories, Local History books and the wealth of archives held by the County Record Offices. Immigration and Emigration records can provide details of your family’s voyages to new lives overseas.

Historic documents give fascinating insights into your family ancestry. Wills often provide intriguing details about your family’s way of life and confirmation of family connections. Old family photographs too can help identify people in your UK family tree.

To help bring your family history to life, I can also photograph where your ancestors lived or went to school and the church where they were christened, married or buried.

Use An Expert Genealogist

My name is Peter King. After many years researching my own Hampshire family tree I have developed a passion for genealogy and a wealth of knowledge of the records available to undertake family history research on your behalf.

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